“Maut wo ho jiska zamana kare afsos. Yun to sabhi yahan aate hai… marne ke liye”

This is a very old quote I had read on a friend’s mobile. It means death should be such that the world mourns your demise. People come here to die anyway… So is your life meaningful?

Life for most is a never ending constant struggle for survival. Right from hoping to get a promotion in the office to hoping kids obey you at home, it is full of expectations. We think almost every one we know is better off than us. And they think similar about us. Its about buying a car first, then a bigger car, a house, another house, girlfriend? wife? another one… ahem! may be not 🙂

Try talking to your parents or grand parents, if they are alive. If you ask them, most will say they are unhappy with the way they spent their life. I wanted to do this or become that will be the typical answers. But if you observe them carefully, they might have achieved most of their goals that they might have set for themselves years ago. They might have had a fairly successful life. They might have got opportunities that some of the others didnt. Then why this Kolaveri Di? 😛

The essence of a meaningful life lies in two words, gratefulness and satisfaction. Every thing that we do, we have to show some kind of satisfaction towards it. Because it is important to understand that the result of the first effort is the benchmark for the second try. So we need to be happy about the first one. Please understand that our life is and always will be a quest for some thing. There is no full stop unless we decide to put it. So for all the milestones we set, it is important we feel grateful and satisfied about every step climbed.

Be content and happy! If you are happy, the world around you is happy. There is no better way to spend a meaningful life than being in the company of happy people.